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Please use a standard-compliant browser for best user experience. Internet Explorer is not a standards-compliant browser and produces difficult coding techniques.

Here are some of the cutting-edge features incorporated in this site:

  • All pages coded to conform to the latest XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2 based standards.
  • Achieved AAA level conformance with regards to making the site accessible to users who are physically challenged.
  • All XHTML elements deprecated in HTML5 are dropped.
  • Microformats such as rel-tag, vcard, hmedia, hcal, geo, xoxo are included.
  • OpenGraph Protocol supported.
  • Several RDFa used.
  • Extensive use of style sheets for formatting.
  • Pages load quickly due to correct mark up and style sheets.
  • Scalable objects used to achieve elastic design. Use of % and 'em' instead of fixed pixel based values. Viewable on all resolutions.
  • Makes use of style sheets for layout instead of tables.
  • Labelled all pages with content rating code from ICRA and Safe Surf.
  • Use of correct mark-up such as DL, SAMP, SUP, DFN & KBD.
  • Tagged all abbreviations and abbrs.
  • Page structure in a semantic order.
  • Provided tables with a summary, caption, column groups and row groups.
  • Links use the "tabindex" and "accesskey" attributes.
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.6, Opera 10.6, Safari 5, and Google Chrome 5.0. Viewed on all five browsers without any major difference. Compatible with older browsers as well.
  • Provided page transitions in Internet Explorer.
  • Made use of the LINK tag to full effect. (See page source code).
  • Use of print and aural style sheets.
  • External sites open in a new window.
  • Use of Unicode to code email addresses.
  • Use of a title attribute, custom cursor and coloured scrollbars.
  • Heavy use of META tag data.
  • Minimal use of Javascript.
  • Digimarc ID's for all images. NOTE: The "Protecting Kids with Digmarc" scheme to label images has been discontinued by Digimarc.
  • P3P policy compliance.
  • OBJECT tag used to display images for all browsers except Internet Explorer (IE) does not render the OBJECT tag well)
  • Javascript served with correct MIME type application/javascript for all compliant browsers.
  • Pages served with application/xhtml+xml for all compliant browsers.
  • Changes made to support Facebook and iPhone user experiences.
  • P3P served as HTTP headers.
  • Using compression, 8-bit PNG images and caching for fast performance.

Plan to include:

  • WML code.
  • Make site multilingual.
  • Mobile friendly pages
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