Learn cricket

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Are you clueless about the sport of cricket? Well, then this is the ideal site to learn all about this fascinating sport which captivates millions of fans. This site is specially authored for those who have absolutely no idea how the game is played and would like to learn more about cricket. Even if you do have a fair idea about cricket, you can browse the site to learn information that you did not know. The content is written in simple English to try and reach an audience as large as possible.

The first four pages contain basic information sufficient to understand the game. Page 5 to 14 cover more advanced topics such as strategies, rain rules, and the history of cricket. On this site, I have put up some self-made illustrations to explain many terms.

All spellings are in Commonwealth English. Words in bold are key defined words. For readers familiar with baseball, I have also brought about an analogy with the two related sports. These analogies are in text boxes with green text.

About me

Hi my name is Nicholas and I am a 35-year old engineer from Bombay (now Mumbai) Maharashtra in India. I have been following the sport of cricket since 1996 and authored this site so that people can learn more about the sport. Bombay is located at 19.0 72.8
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